Wedding Invitations

Wedding is a milestone in a person's life. While taking this big step, you need the blessings and the goodwill of your near and dear ones. However, planning a wedding is always a task. There are plenty little things, which are quite important in wedding planning. For instance, menu, decor, invitations, etc. Wedding invitations are an important part of any wedding. They are the representations of how your wedding will be and what should they expect. The wedding invitations set the tone for the ceremony right away!

wedding invitations

There are various types of wedding invitations such as traditional white and gold or theme-based or fancy or comic. You can choose anyone of these according to the theme and the mood of your ceremony. If you are having a traditional church wedding ceremony, it is always better to go for the traditional white and gold invitation card with a formal wording. If you have assigned a theme to your wedding, you can design the cards accordingly. For example, if you are having a Christmas or winter theme for your wedding, your wedding invitation can be like a Christmas card or shaped as Santa's hat or snowflakes which are innovative and catchy.

Proper wedding invitation wording should be used while drafting the wedding invitations. They should contain required information such as the name of the hosts, name of the couple, venue, time, theme, reception details, RSVP information and any other details that are necessary for the guests to know. If wedding is formal then wedding invitation etiquette rules are observed while preparing wedding invitation. However if wedding is casual, then you can follow your personal style. You can also go on line for wedding invitation wording, wedding poems and quotes or refer old wedding invitations.

Modern Wedding Invitations

Traditionally, the invitations is addressed by the parents (as they were the ones who paid for the wedding); however, now-a-days, the couple is together for some years and they are independent enough to host their own wedding. If they are paying for their wedding there names should be mentioned as the hosts.

For example,

Colleen Laura Phillips
Robert Joseph Stewart
cordially invite you to their wedding
July 16th, 2012
four o'clock

This format is used when the couple are the hosts. Also mention the theme, the dress code, and the reception details. Do not forget to mention 'adults only' if you don't want children to attend the wedding.

If the parents are hosting the wedding,

Mr. and Mrs. Waltham
cordially invite you to the wedding of their daughter
Isabelle Alice
Andrew Philip Brown

followed by other details as mentioned above.

Do not forget to attach a response card with every invitation, as people do not respond on time. They keep it in their to-do list and forget about it. Attaching a response card with postage is much better that the chaos and mismanagement that will happen due to the lack of response.

Everyone wants their wedding invitation to be unique. Making an unique wedding invitation is easy. You can go online and find different wedding designs. You can also use your own ideas and skills to make your own wedding invitation. Now day's, modern wedding invitations are also available in market. These wedding invitations are simple and elegant.

There are some of the precautions you need to take before printing in the bulk. After you draft the matter that has to be printed on the invitation card, ask a well-versed friend to proofread it. There should not be any proofreading mistakes in your invitation card as it creates a wrong impression on the guests.

Also, discuss in detail the type that you want for your invitation card and get it done accordingly. If it a specific personalized card, you need to be more careful. Best wedding invitation does not mean expensive wedding invitation. So, even if you go for the inexpensive wedding invitations, do check the paper quality and the type of print as it may be blurry and not legible.

Take these precautions, and arrange for the RSVP card with the invitation. Once you have a specific guest list, it is easier to organize the wedding ceremony accordingly.

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