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Wedding Reception Invitations

Wedding reception is definitely an exciting part of any wedding.

It is important to choose the perfect wedding reception invitation wording as it sets the tone of the celebration and gives the guests a proper idea as to what to expect. Sometime wedding reception information is written in wedding invitation. When the wedding ceremony and reception are being held at different locations then you may need to enclose a separate reception card with your wedding invitation.

Also, if the guest list for wedding reception is less than wedding ceremony then you have to enclose a reception card only for those guests who are invited to both wedding ceremony and the reception party.

Using correct language to convey the necessary information is essential while drafting a wedding reception invitation. It avoids confusion on the guests' part as they have a clear idea of what is in store. There are a few essentials that have to be included in a wedding reception invitation.

Unique Wedding Reception Invitation

These are as follows:

Mary Isabel and Robin Frank Williams
invite you to the

Susan Alice and James Bradley Williams
invite you to the wedding reception of
Mary Isabel and Robin Frank Williams

Remember that your wedding reception invitation should be in sync with your wedding invitation. The details should be arranged in the following manner: title, host name, couple names, date, time, venue, directions and RSVP. This is a generic outline. You can modify it according to your convenience.

A wedding reception invitation should reflect a couple's style and personality. For this purpose, you can also send out funny or sarcastic invitations. However, be careful with sarcasm as it may hurt people. It is better to stick with humor.

For example:

Martha and Samuel Joseph and
Wilma and Robert Laurence
invite you to attend the wedding reception of their children
Joanna and Thomas Joseph
RSVP by 20th Feb, 2012 (before we file for bankruptcy!)
It is hard to believe, but our babies are married!
Join us for the wedding reception party of
Joanna and Joseph

(Now they have to pay their own bills!)

These are some of the examples, which you can use for your funny wedding reception invitations.

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